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Today’s everyday products like showers, phones and televisions were once luxury goods available only to a few. We want to push smart glasses and mirrors into the mass market while exploiting this trend as the worldwide market leader.



Mirror and glass as architectural element are everywhere and media communication is part of almost every environment. Homogeneous markets yearn for the next great technological integrations and combinations to consider space, functionality and design, and ad notam is here to create them.

Though we have yet to achieve the full marketing potential of our technology, we find that, like ad notam, it rapidly grows and diversifies; what began as a TV is now a fully interactive media system. New additions to the ad notam functionalities, such interaction with smartphone system, integrated camera technology, and fully customizable software applications, not only expand our products line but hey also exponentially increase our market segments. This multiuse functionality brings ad notam a step closer to its conception vision – to become a standard in every media-enhanced environment, especially in bathrooms.

Whether through LCD, LED, OLED, or future technology which we as well as global advances have yet to create, the concept of integration of glass and mirror with technological communications will forever be the core of the ad notam business module. We will remain the leader that we became by moving forward while retaining our vision.

We are just embarking on our journey, and we would like to invite you to share our vision and take part
of our success.