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TLC- A Whole New Look- Must be MAGIC (Mirror)

TLC uses ad notams Magic Mirror for their new show Love, Lust or Run.


‘LOVE, LUST, or RUN’ on TLC network features our MAGIC MIRROR technology as one of the main focal points of the show.

‘In every episode, women with major fashion issues turn to style expert Stacy London for help. Stacy shows them the impression their fashion choices are making on their day-to-day life and perception by asking random strangers to rate their style as "Love," "Lust," or "Run." Each person will then have to take off their makeup and extensions and completely start from scratch, giving them a full make-under; changing each woman's look and, just maybe, her life!’

The 55 inch Mirror TV, positioned vertically, provides a full length mirror to show the contestants fashion choices and the comments on the style from people on the street. Check it out Fridays 9pm/8c!